Trials for cosmetic product documentation

For you trial projects you need different kind of laboratories, because each laboratory is specilized and serves only in a small range of trial-services:

  1. Stability trials can be performed with low efforts and I suppose in you laboratory. We disclose literature about state of the art, to perform it in-house.
  2. there are serveral sheap devices enableing you, to perform cfu ( colony forming unit)-count, but you can also give your samples to a laboratory. We have many adresses.
  3. challanging tests are performed by specilized laboratories, cause they work with germs not all allowed in public. We disclose laboratory adresse to you.
  4. for patch tests you need human probands, which are managed in dermatological laboratories. We have adresses. If you have own human probands and experience, we quote the testkits to you.
  5. you find the PIF-content here. Depending on the consultant you work with, you have to calculate 500 – 1.000 EUR/product. But you can make deals and we help you. If you have a suitable academical eductation you save the salery for the safety-report (300 – 500 EUR).