House rules for ICADA online events

Part of the house rules and the general terms and conditions of business and participation are among others

Admission to the ZOOM platform is only possible up to 15 minutes after the start of the event and 15 minutes after the lunch break or on separate request via the participants‘ Whats App.

You will be excluded from participating in the event if you do not enter your company / organization name and your personal name when logging in to Zoom as you did in the registration form for the event.

By registering for the event, you agree to a video recording of the event and waive any subsequent right to object. Own recordings of any kind are . Own recordings of any kind are generally not permitted.

For reasons of capacity and for reasons of intellectual property rights, we cannot provide you with lectures. The contacts to the speakers for the purpose of requesting a presentation are stored in the program. By registering, you agree to these conditions and do not make any subsequent requirements.

  • Please make sure you have a secure internet connection!
  • Please ensure a stable internet connection!
  • Please test the hardware – BEFORE the video conference!
  • Please pay attention to good lighting!
  • Please use in-ear headphones!
  • Please use a good microphone!
  • Please position the microphone correctly! Then please switch off the microphone
  • Please check the camera and picture setting. Is the camera angle correct?
  • Please set the camera at eye level so that you can keep eye contact. Please align the camera correctly! Then turn off the camera
  • Please test the software – BEFORE the video conference! Please test the browser, possibly switch between Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Edge ..
  • During the lectures please turn off the camera + audio
  • Please dial in on time (we open 1 hour in advance and explain the technology)
  • To improve mutual conversation and discussion please only (!) dial into ZOOM with your company / organization name + personal surname
  • Please do a video + audio check with other participants
  • We are recording the congress for purchase. We require approval, please report any objections.
  • Please ensure silence! Log off in the team / with the boss. Mobile off. Attach the door sign „I’m at the ICADA Congress“

No mass event in front of 1 single PC, SOCIAL DISTANCE every (!) participant has to pay

  • Please be on time!
  • Please greet the participants with your name after they have logged in
  • Please report by hand signal before posting
  • Please only when calling Video + Audio
  • Please look into the camera
  • Please speak clearly

Please use the chat function for announcements, questions, contacts

  • Chat for everyone
  • Chat for individual participants

Please turn off your microphone when you are not speaking!

Please address questions or comments clearly to the person asked

In the event of reports, please state your name / company or organization

Please don’t get distracted

No consumption of food

Please let each participant finish speaking!

Please avoid multitasking!

Please do not leave the video conference without excuse! (Because it beeps) please let conference participation run when you leave the conference (for coffee …)

Have fun with it. A smile works wonders 🙂 We offer the same fun as analog conferences „one meets“

You can chat with people in pairs or in groups, please enter your WhatsApp phone number in the chat.

We also offer small meeting areas. Please register a topic or your name as the room title and you will meet people there as you normally would at the coffee machine or the sandwiches.